For who

The producers

« ALBORA was created for dairy farmers/producers to enable them to better remunerate their work and, as a result, make a better living. »


Do you produce milk ?

You sell your milk for less than 450 euros so 389£ per 1000L ?

You don’t have any cheese knowledge ?

Do you have very little time to devote to it on a daily basis ?

Albora is for you !

Companies and entrepreneurs

Terms and conditions

Are you a cheesemaker looking for automated, cost-effective production?
Are you an individual looking to start a cheese-making business?

Albora is for you too!

« ALBORA was created for producers, but also for those who want to embark on a unique entrepreneurial adventure. »


« If you'd like to become an ALBORA standard-bearer, carrying its values of sharing wealth based on strong ethics and trust, become an ALBORA retailer !  »

Today we’re ALBORA ambassadors, but tomorrow others will be joining the adventure. Maybe you’ll be one of them!

Our way of doing things and our way of being means that we have to be close to ALBORA users, so that they can trust us and benefit from our quality products. That’s why you, our future distributors, will play an important role.