The machine

Our history

« Professionally , we have reached a period i our careers where we want to share our technical, technological, ‑agri-food, managarial and management expertise. »

When personal experience meets professional experience.

Coming from farming families, we have witnessed since our childchood how difficult it is for the majority of dairy farmers to make a living from their production. Some producers have already embarked on the adenture of dairy processing, wich has enabled the to add far greater value to their milk and generate a corresponding income.


Our energy and convictions have enabled us to take on this new challenge.

It’s in this desire to share that our conviction and desire to help our large family of hearts was born. ALBORA was created to give everyone access to dairy processing, to generate new income and make a better living from their passion.

A vision on 5 points

It all starts with the creation of a simple technical specifications document.


Autonomous production

Automated cheese-making machine, dairy processing without human intervention



Highly profitable investment


Low maintenance

1800 production cycles before first maintenance


Modular and upgradeable

Constant R&D to customise your Albora to suit your needs


Easy to install

No civil engineering, ready to use, connected only to water and electricity

Aware of the scale of this project, we have decided to leave our jobs in 2021 to devote ourselves entirely to the design of ALBORA. Today, we are proud to offer an innovative solution that is unique on the market.

« ALBORA today is : 2 years of work and 6 different versions for a perfect result. »

Keys figures

3 ertification

in process of registration

3 containers

300 Liters

of milk per fabrication

10 tommes

of 3 kg of cheese per fabrication so 4 lb

1 month

of refining


Thermodynamics and technologic knowledge

for the dairy process


related to molding or pressing

Hydraulics knowledge

pour la gestion des transferts liquides et du nettoyage de l’installation

Robotic knowledge

To ensure automation

Boiler making knowledge

Of precision in production

is a concentrate
of knowledge  »

How it works

Step 01

Connection of the mobile tank to collect the milk to be processed

Step 02

Transfer of the milk into a specific autonomous treatment tank

This will follow a predefined production recipe, varying the parameters from one day to the next depending on the composition of your milk.

Step 03

Pouring the milk into the box moulding machine

Step 04

Depending on the cheese recipe, the paste may or may not be pressed, brined and matured


With 70 500 Liters

of milk per year

7000 kgs so 15 432 Ib

of cheese per year

42 000 

of benefices (so 36 377£)

600  so 519 £

for 1000 liters of milk in evaluation (net profit)

National average of 338 euros so 292 £ per 1000 L of sales

* figures given for information only


In the continuity of our support, we will provide you with a standard business plan, which you can study and rework with your accountant before submitting it to one or more banks of your choice.

As part of our ongoing support, we will provide you with a standard business plan, which you can study and rework with your accountant before submitting it to one or more banks of your choice.

Thanks to our banking partners, we can also provide you with a financing proposal negotiated by us.


A specialist will be present during the installation of your ALBORA. He or she will work with you to start up the machine, check the quality of the products and make sure you get the hang of it.

We and our partners will remain available throughout the life of the ALBORA to help you with your projects and their development.