Our history

« Professionally , we have reached a period i our careers where we want to share our technical, technological, ‑agri-food, managarial and management expertise. »

When personal experience meets professional experience.


Coming from farming families, we have witnessed since our childchood how difficult it is for the majority of dairy farmers to make a living from their production. Some producers have already embarked on the adenture of dairy processing, wich has enabled the to add far greater value to their milk and generate a corresponding income.


Our energy and convictions have enabled us to take on this new challenge.

It’s in this desire to share that our conviction and desire to help our large family of hearts was born. ALBORA was created to give everyone access to dairy processing, to generate new income and make a better living from their passion.


52 000

Cow's milk producers in France

20 Billion € so 17 billion in £

Liters of milk produced

0,29 £/Liter

Average farmgate milk price. Represents only 17,3 % of dairy industry sales.

39 Billion

Euros in sales for the french dairy industry (1,95e/liter so 1,69£/liter)

*Source CNIEL, « L’économie laitière en chiffre », 2019


Increase your income with a small amount of processed milk.

Diversify your production.

Make dairy processing accessible to everyone, with no need for know-how or time.

« Albora was created to redonner votre part du fromage » give you back your share of the cheese.


1. Personal and privileged contact

Personal, privileged contactAn Albora specialist will work alongside you to ensure complete project follow-up: commercial offer, location, forecast, financing/payment, layout, installation, start-up and quality control, etc.

2. Profitability management

We’ll give you the tools you need to master the different operating regimes of the ALBORA. Depending on the quantities of milk processed, you’ll know the operating costs, break-even points and value-added of your milk adapted to your production to guarantee you a financial profit.

3. Sales support tools

For your finished products, we can offer you additional services as an option:

– Standard distribution contract,
– Communication starter pack (sales brochure, website, etc.),
– Complementary equipment such as packaging, on-farm sales outlet, slicer, etc.